It is the 28th September, 1918 in northern France. A humble British Private has the opportunity to change the course of history by preventing World War Two!

This is the compelling story of Henry Tandey VC, the most decorated British Soldier of the Great War, who with one single shot could have made the world a very different place.

This is Henry’s story …

This is a meeting of stage play and folk opera. A story told through acting and song.

Henry Tandey VC was the most decorated British soldier of World War 1, but by a cruel twist of fate his place in history is more recognized as being the man who could have shot Hitler!

The show stars Ben Bracken in the title role of ‘Private Henry Tandey VC’, and John Rowlinson as ‘Brigadier Sir John Smyth VC, MC’.

The musicians are Mike Grogan (Vocals/ Guitars/ Banjolele) and Robert Martin (Violin/ Vocals).